Charges Screen is to enter Charges and its details. These Charges will appear in the Charges field in invoice and .

Adding New Charge

  1. Select the Charges from Master Menu.
  2. Select Type of Charge from Charge list.
  3. Then Select or Write the Charge Name and Price.
  4. Select the Specialties or check all by click on Check All.
  5. You can Add the price of this Charge for the insurance company by check the insurance price and select insurance company from the list and chose Price or discount then write its value in the field will be appear.
  6. You can Add the price of this Charge for a particular Company by the last same way.
  7. Click Save Button.

Edit Charge

  1. Select the Charge that you would like to edit by search with Charge Name or Specialty or Insurance or Company or Lab or Vaccination.
  2. Select the particular Charge from the list down.
  3. Do the need full changes and press Edit Button to save the changes.

Inheritance Board

Also you can Apply all charges of any insurance company to any new insurance company that mean any new insurance company can inherit all charges of any insurance company have been add before. As follow:

  1. Select the Type Insurance company then Select the Name of New Insurance company and Select the Name of Insurance company which will be Inherited.
  2. You can select any charges (charges to inherit) and transfer it to right by click on button refer to right (Current Charges) or check all by click on Check All then transfer it to right.
  3. Now the new insurance company inherited all charges that you selected.


Delete Charge

When deleting any Charge, the invoices that contain it will be deleted.

  1. Select the name of Charge from the Charge list given below.
  2. Press Delete button to delete .

Clear Button

to clear the screen for any action (Add , Edit , Delete) to add new record.


You can Search the Charge with Charge Name, Specialty , Insurance , Company, Lab, Vaccination . Can select any one or all together and click Search Button.


Print Button is to print the details of all existing Charges.