Products is to enter Products Details that will be in pharmacy.This products will appear in Purchase screen in Pharmacy and in Prescription screen menu .

Add New Product

  1. Select the Products from Master Menu.
  2. Select Product Category from drop down list ,Type the Product Name .
  3. Select Form from drop down list ,you can add new Form by clicking Add Icon to open popup window ,type the new Form and click Save Button, delete exiting Form By select it and click Delete Icon.
  4. Type Generic, Dosage, Strength, Pack Size, Unit Price, Retail Price and Reorder Limit.
  5. select Supplier from Supplier drop down list, select Manufacturer from Manufacturer drop down list, you can add new manufacturer or delete existed one by clicking on Add Icon & delete Icon.
  6. You can Make for this Product Charge by Checking in Make As Charge box.
  7. Click Save Button.

Edit Products

  1. Select the Product that you would like to edit by search with Product Category , Product Name , Form . From Date. To Date (Date Refer To Created date)
  2. Select the particular Product from the list down.
  3. Do the need full changes and press Edit Button to save the changes.

Delete Product

When deleting any Product, the Purchase Order related it will be deleted.

  1. Select the name of Product from the Product list given below.
  2. Press Delete button to delete .

Clear Button

to clear the screen for any action (Add , Edit , Delete) to add new record.

Search Product

You can search Patient Medical Records in different ways.

  1. Search with Product Category.
  2. Search with Product Name.
  3. Search with Manufacturer.
  4. Search with Supplier.
  5. Search with Generic.
  6. Search with Retail Price.
  7. Search with Form.
  8. Search with From Date. To Date (Date Refer To Created date) .

  9. Can select any one or all together and click Search Button.

Print Button

Print Button is to print the details of all existing Products .