Access Rights

Access Rights is to give the rights for Doctor(s) or Employee(s) to Use HospitalGate. You can limit the permission of the Employees for accessing the confidential data's of your Clinic. First time HospitalGate will open with the user name "Admin" and password "admin". You can reset the Administrator user name and password (above mentioned) with own Choice.

Reset the Administrator User Name and Password

  1. Select the Administrator from the Access Rights List (designation of the Administrator will be "admin").
  2. Now the details will be displayed above with user name and password.
  3. Change the User name and Password with own choice.
  4. Click Edit Button.
  5. Close the HospitalGate Application and re-login with your new User Name and Password.

Adding Rights for Employees

  1. Select the Employee Name from list given left .
  2. Assign a User Name, password and confirm password and Discount and the designation will appear automatically for the particular employee.
  3. Now Select the Rights, you are going to assign for the particular Employee.
  4. You can add Rights for Add, Edit, delete and search.
  5. You can give this Employee Permission to access other Employees from select them from Doctors' Patients Access
  6. Once you assign the rights for particular Employee, he/she can able to open only those screens related to their rights.
  7. Click Save Button.

Edit Rights

  1. Select the Employee from the Access Rights List given below.
  2. Change the User Name, Password or Rights.
  3. Click Edit Button.

Delete Rights

  1. Select the Employee from the Access Rights List given below.
  2. Click Delete Button.

Clear Button

To clear the window for any other action (search , Delete , Add)