Expenses is to enter day-to-day expenses.

Adding New Expenses

  1. Select the Expenses from Expenses Menu.
  2. Select the Category from drop down list.
  3. Add the number of units in Units field and Unit Price.
  4. The Total will calculate automatically.
  5. Add the other required details.
  6. Add value That is actual paid in Paid Field
  7. For Account Of, it is necessary that the Total is already calculated.
  8. For Account Of, if the account is only for one person, select the person (by double-clicking) from the employee list.
  9. For Account Of, if the account is for several people, select each of the employees from the employee list and enter the amount they owe, followed by Enter. Follow the same action for all the concerned employees.
  10. Select the Payment Mode, you can add new Payment Mode by clicking Add Icon to open popup window ,type the new Payment Mode and click Save Button, delete exiting Payment Mode By select it and click Delete Icon.
  11. Click Save Button.

Edit Expenses

  1. Select the Expense from the Expense List given below.
  2. Do the need full changes and press Edit Button to save the changes.

Clear Button

To clear the screen for any action (Add , Edit , Delete) to add new record.

Search Expenses

You can Search the Expenses in different ways.

  1. Search with Expense Category.
  2. Search with Payment Mode.
  3. Search with Supplier.
  4. Search with Status.
  5. Search with Date From and Date To.
  6. Can select any one or all together and click Search Button.


Print Button is to Print the details of all Expense in Expenses list below.