Referral is to enter all the information about Referrals dealing with. Referral will be appear in Animal File

Adding New Referral

  1. Select the Referral from Master Menu.
  2. Add Referral Referral Name, Phone, Fax, Address, City, Zip/Postal Code, State/Province, Country and Email.
  3. Also you can add new Country by clicking Add Icon to open a popup window and write the new Country then click Save Button, you can also delete the same selecting it from Country drop down list and clicking Delete Icon.
  4. You can also add contact person Name, Mobile,Email and Notes.
  5. Click Save Button.

Edit Referral

  1. Select the Referral Name that you would like to edit by search with Referral Name or Contact Person or Country.
  2. Select the particular Referral from the list down.
  3. Do the need full changes and press Edit Button to save the changes.

Delete Referral

  1. Select the Referral Name from the Referrals List given below.
  2. Press Delete button to delete .

Clear Button

To clear the Screen and add new record or delete or perform any other action.

Email button

Select the Referral that you want send email to it from the Referral List given below and click the Email Button to open default Email Program (open on the Contact Email as a default).

Search Button

  1. You can Search the Referral with Referral Name ,or Contact Person or Country.
  2. Can select any one or all together and click Search Button.

Print button

Click the Print Button to Print the details of the Referral .