Purchase Screen helps you to make Purchase Order to Clinic Pharmacy.

Adding New Purchase

  1. Select Purchase from Pharmacy menu.
  2. Select Supplier from Supplier drop down list.
  3. Select Product from Product drop down list which will be filtered automatically according to selected Supplier.
  4. Select Doctor from Doctor drop down list if that Purchase Order belong to this Doctor, In case of the Purchase Order to the clinic as a whole don't select Doctor.
  5. Type the required Quantity in Quantity Field and its unit Price will be appear automatically in unit Price Field, you can change it if you want.
  6. The Total Price and Inventory will be calculated automatically.
  7. The Order Status is On Order by default, it means that Quantity not Received yet.
  8. Click Add Button to add this Product in Purchase Order, and this data will be appeared in the right Product list.
  9. You can add more than one Product in the same Order by click Add button in each Product.
  10. Type the Discount and Tax if it's found and the Net will be calculated automatically.
  11. type the paid and the Balance will be calculated.
  12. Click Save Button.

Edit Purchase

  1. Select the Purchase Order that you would like to edit from the Purchase List given below.
  2. In case of receiving the Product, Select The Product from the right Product list and check in Received Option.
  3. The new Total Inventory in the stock will be appeared in Panel under the Inventory Field, close this Panel by click Hide Link in the Panel.
  4. Select Received Date(must be more than Order Date and less than today) , Manufacture Date and Ex pier Date and click Apply Button.
  5. Do the other need full changes and press Edit Button to save the changes.

Delete Purchase

  1. Select the Purchase Order from the Purchase List given below.
  2. Press Delete Button to Delete this Purchase.
  3. Deleting Order from Purchase List, delete only the Order information but the inventory of this Order's Products still in the stock.

Search Purchase

You can Search the Purchase in different ways.

  1. Search with Product.
  2. Search with Doctor Name.
  3. Search with Supplier.
  4. Search with Date From and Date To.
  5. Can select any one or all together and click Search Button.

Clear Button

To Refresh the Screen and add New record.

Remove Button

To delete selected product in right product list, but must followed by clicking Edit button or Save Button according to the case.

Print Button

To Print all the Purchase in Purchase list.

Print Order Button

  1. Select the Purchase Order that you would like to Print from the Purchase List given below.
  2. Click Print Order Button.

Print Stock Button

Print Stock Button is to view/print the total Products' Inventory in the stock.

* All Purchases' Reports